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HBF – Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd.

Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Limited is a multi-divisional Company and brand profile which was founded in London in 2017 and specialises in the creation of original prototypes (HBF Design and Luxury), creation and production (and co-production) of feature films for the Cinema and digital streaming (HBF Pictures), audiovisual for the Internet, digital TV and multi-medial relative convergence, co-production, production and promotion of events related to culture, to the Cinema and the Arts in general.  Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd have become official supporters of Meat Free Monday joining others like Puma, Abbey Road Studios and other important brands who will donate part of their income to the cause promoted by the ethical campaign launched by Stella, Paul and Mary McCartney.

Designed by Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd.